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N2MH/R Photo Scrapbook - N2MH/R Septmber 2000, VHF Contest

Once again, Karen and myself embarked on a rove for the September VHF Contest. Continuing with the approach we took for the August UHF contest, we employed fixed halo antennas so that we could operate whilst in motion. Unlike previous roves with the Jeep, we didn't use any beams or any other type of antenna that would require assembly and setup at a fixed location.
Route Map
[Route Map]

For the September Contest, our route took us to 11 Grids:

More information on locations marked with an asterisk * can be found on the N2MH RoveSite page.
Photos (Click on photo for full size image. All photos have been compressed from their original file size. If you would like the original file, please drop me a line.)
Karen at the wheel of the Lighthouse Rover II about to depart Camelback Mountain, FN21hb, for I-380, I-81 and FN22 in the region of Binghampton, NY.

In this photo, you can get a good look at the antennas. Looking from front to rear, there is a quarter-wave mag mount for 2m APRS, stacked KB6KQ halos for 432 MHz., 222 MHz., a home brew halo for 144 MHz. and an original KB6KQ halo for 50 MHz. In the back of the halos is a dual-band vertical Diamond antenna for 146 MHz. and 446 MHz. FM.

N2MH Photo

N2MH Photo
On top of Mount Greylock, MA, FN32jp, Doug Sharp, K2AD, is shown at the 2m operating position of super contest station W2SZ/1

The antenna farm at W2SZ/1. Is it any wonder that they always win?? N2MH Photo

N2MH Photo
Contrary to popular opinion, not everyone goes up to Greylock to operate a radio! Hang Gliders are very poplular. Here you see someone working on their glider. Notice the view in the background.

Activating a (semi) rare grid. Here, N2MH is shown at the entrance to the parking lot for the Marconi Station Site on Cape Cod, FN51av.

We actually ended the contest there on Sunday night, so this shot was posed the next day. Sunday night worked out very well for us (and a lot of other people) as we were able to catch some coastal ducting and work people all the way down to FN18.

N2MH Photo

N2MH Photo
Can anyone find the rover???

This shot was taken on a small observation deck perched on a small hill halfway between the parking lot and the beach.

True to it's namesake, the Lighthouse Rover II was indeed in the vicinity of a lighthouse on this rove. This time it was the Nauset Lighthouse on Cape Cod. N2MH Photo


Band QSO's Points Grids
50 99 99 18
144 149 149 21
222 59 118 15
432 79 158 16
Total 386 524 70
Grids Activated     11
Grand Total   524 81
Final Score   42444  


The Lighthouse Rover II placed first in the Hudson Divison, fifth in the Northeast Region, and tenth overall. This was our best effort to date!

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