RoveSite Information Sheet

Harker's Island

Harker's Island, NC


Site Description and Notes

Geographic Coordinates

Latitude 34 41' 6.61" N 34 41.11020' 34.68517
Longitude 76 31' 35.1" W -76 31.58519' -76.52642


Comments by Name, CALL - Month, Year

Antenna Bearings and Distances

Map with range rings

Map courtesy of AZ_PROJ by NA3T and NV3Z. (Each ring is 50 mi or 80 km apart.)

Maps will take from 30 sec - 5 mins on an unloaded server, depending on the amount of information plotted. Microsoft IE may time out after 3 mins.

Magnetic Declination (Variation)

Magnetic Declination, sometimes called Variation (especially in the aircraft world), is the difference between True North and Magnetic North. It is expressed in the number of degrees difference between the two directions and on which side of True North you will find Magnetic North.

(Declination was calculated on the NOAA National Geophysical Data Center web page at

Distance and Bearings Table


The following table shows targets that are within 250 miles (400km) of this RoveSite.

Grid Locator Distance (mi) Distance (km) Bearing To (deg) Bearing From (deg) Description
FM16wx 158.853 255.649 8.28 188.52 Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel [VA]
FM17xg 180.223 290.041 8.85 189.14 Cape Charles [VA]
FM17xb 165.907 267.002 9.23 189.51 Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel [VA]
FM15vx 91.444 147.165 11.24 191.43 Dewey Pier [NC]
FM16xe 106.195 170.904 13.78 194.05 Bank Point [NC]
FM15ua 25.989 41.825 27.82 207.95 Cedar Island Boat Ramp [NC]
EM95tg 222.176 357.557 281.30 99.09 Dex, W4DEX [NC]
FM17kn 200.547 322.749 350.88 170.54 N4MW beacon [VA]

Visible Landmarks

(Useful for calibrating your rotator.)
Landmark Distance (mi) Bearing (deg)


There are no photos available for this site.


Information on this page was obtained from N2MH

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