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Six Meter Moxon Photos

The following photos have been submitted by hams who have built their own antenna based on the plans in these pages. Permission has been given by each person to have their photo(s) shown here. Click on the thumbnail to expand.

If you have built this antenna and have any pictures you would like to share, please email them to N2MH at the address at the bottom of this page.


Bob, W3BBO, had just finished building this antenna and has it set up temporarily on his lawn.

W3BBO Photo

Bob gives us a close-up of the antenna itself.

W3BBO Photo

Bob used a different approach to connect the boom to the mast. He reports: "I'm real proud on how I solved the antenna to mast connection. I used a 1" Tee on the boom and another one to slip on to the 1 1/4" mast. Makes a nice tight connection and eliminates the mounting plate and additonal u-bolts. The attached picture shows this a bit clearer. A tee [on the mast] isn't needed but I had one on hand and that saved a trip to the store to buy a coupling, which would have worked just as well."


KC9ECI's antenna at 2005 Field Day.

KB9YXV Photo

Tom, KC9ECI, built his antenna in November, 2004 and has worked some good DX with it from his home QTH. In additon, he took material out to Field Day in 2005 and built another one with some help from the newly licensed hams in his club. His website is LaCrosse Hams.

Russell, WB4OFN, posted some pictures of his antenna on Picasa. You can see them on his 6 Meter Moxon Gallery page.

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