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N2MH/R Photo Scrapbook - 1999 Field Day

N2MH/R participated in two Field Day installations in 1999:

The WB2QBP Site

[Eaton's Neck
   topo map]

Site Map

The operation took place just to the left and across the road from the lighthouse ("Light" on the map).


This view is looking roughly northeast with Long Island Sound in the background. Shown are the homebrew beams for 2 meters and 70 cm and the KB6KQ halo for 6 meters. The long 3" PVC pipe (that looks like a bazooka) on top of the Jeep is used to carry mast sections and other antenna pieces that are too long to fit inside the jeep. N2AUK Photo
[picture of Jeep
   with antennas]

The WG2J site

Site Map

[Sucasunna area topo map]
The operation took place inside the "U" of Horseshoe Lake

Photos (click on the photo for larger size)

K3JF photo
[Installing the 6 meter halo]
Karen on the left and Mark, N2MH on the right. Karen is holding on to the mast supporting the 6 meter KB6KQ halo. N2MH is getting ready to connect the coax to the radio. The brown object in the background is a band shell in the park.

Karen helps Mark, N2MH raise the 2 meter and 70 cm yagis into position over the Jeep whilst Willie, WT2V supervises. There are five elements on 2 and eight elements on 70 cm. Midway up the mast is a Radio Shack antenna rotator powered from an inverter in the Jeep. On the left can be seen the 6 meter, slightly flattened, KB6KQ halo. K3JF photo
[Raising the beams into position]

K3JF photo
[Securing the beams]
Karen helps Mark, N2MH fasten down the 2 meter and 70 cm yagis into position over the Jeep. The 6 meter KB6KQ halo can be seen on the right. The 10 foot long white PVC pipe running the length of the Jeep is used to carry the 10 foot long mast sections.

Mark, N2MH makes a contact on 6 meters.

The rig is a Yaesu FT-847 securely fastened to a shelf spanning the back of the front passenger's seat and the back of the rear fold-down seat.

K3JF photo
[Making a 6 meter contact]

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