N2MH Electronic QSL Information

N2MH actively participates in the two on-line electronic QSL services: eQSL and LoTW. However, for a successful confirmation of a contact, there is some information that is important.

Depending on the activity and the venue for the contact, there are four callsigns used by N2MH on both systems:

N2MH is used for all contacts at the home QTH in West Orange, NJ.

N2MH/4 is used for all contacts at the secondary home in Oak Island, NC.

N2MH/M is used for all mobile contacts, such a running counties, running lighthouses, and for all mobile operation in general.

N2MH/R is used only in VHF Contests where N2MH has entered as a Rover. All other mobile operations will use the N2MH/M callsign.

It is important that you get the callsign right. In LoTW, the complete callsign for both stations in a QSO must match exactly. This includes such things as /R, /M, /4, etc. If you are confirming a Rover contact, make sure that my callsign is N2MH/R (which should be the way you entered it into your log during the contest). Do not drop the /R or change it to /M or do anything else to it. Leave it as N2MH/R. If you are confirming a Mobile contact, my callsign is N2MH/M. If the QSO was from my North Carolina QTH, my callsign is N2MH/4.


  1. Entering QSO's into LoTW via the TQSL program is very tedious for mobile and rover operations. In my case, each combination of state + county + 6-digit gridsquare requires a different signature profile. There is no way for TQSL to read in location data - you can only enter it manually. Thus, because of the work needed to properly sign rover and mobile QSO's, sending out QSO information for these venues will take a long time to accomplish. If you need a particular QSO confirmed before I get to that location, please drop me an email and I'll try to accomodate you.
  2. eQSL is not as onerous with regard to location information as LoTW, but before I send in contact information, I try to see if there is an incoming eQSL first. If there is, I record that fact before I send out my reply card.
  3. Regardless of the venue of a contact, if you need confirmation of a contact before I have a chance to send it out (on either system), please drop me an email with the particulars. Similarly, if you have sent me a card and haven't seen a reply, please send me an email and let me know about it and I'll see what's going on.

This page last revised on January 7th, 2007.

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