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N2MH-15 Digipeater

After a hiatus of several years, I have dusted off the equipment for the N2MH-15 digipeater and fired it up again. It is back on 144.390 in West Orange using the same equipment and antenna as it did when it first went on the air back in the late 1990's on 145.790 and eventually switched to 144.390.

As it was operating originally, it runs PacComm firmware. However, it is now running parameters supporting WB4APR's The New n-N Paradigm. Specifically, it supports callsign substitution and digipeating for four paths:

Other parameters for the digi have been set in accordance with PacComm Settings for New n-N Compatibility

Real-time information about N2MH-15 can be found at findu.com or on aprs.fi


Please send any comments about this digipeater to the email address below. I'd like to know whether this digi is actually filling in a void or is simply creating more channel traffic that is not needed.

UI-View32, Mixw, and vCOM

An interesting way to get UI-View32 (and other data comms programs) working on HF is to use MixW as the hf modem and bridge the two with a software com port bridge developed by N8VB. Details of this installation can be found here. Using MixW as an hf modem is especially nice because you can precisely set your frequency using the built-in, calibrated waterfall.

Further Reading

For further info on APRS, go to the APRS Home Page written by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, who invented APRS and who owns the APRS Trade Mark.
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