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N2MH/R Photo Scrapbook - N2MH/R September 2003, VHF Contest

Initial Plans

Rove through northern New York, western New York, northeast Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey

Karen and I headed for Watertown on Friday night. Our plan was to start the contest at Tibbetts Point Lighthouse, New York (FN14), then go to the town pier in Cape Vincent, NY (still in FN14) which juts out into the St. Lawrence River and has a clear shot to the north. From there, go to the parking lot of a golf course in FN24, drop down to "100 Cows" in FN23, then go over to a high lookout on the Seaport Trail in FN13. After that, we had no defined plans and we were going to wing it.

New for this rove was some new equipment

Unlike June, we had no plans to monitor 222.350 MHz. FM for coordination, and no plans to bring up CU2QSO. Neither of these tactics worked for us in June, so we left them home.

Grid Coverage and Sites Activated

[route map]

We covered the following 10 grids:

Information on all locations can be found on the N2MH RoveSite Locator Page. Almost all locations are new for us and those marked with an asterisk * are new for anybody.


Band QSO's Points Grids
50 73 73 21
144 154 154 29
222 60 120 18
432 74 148 21
1296 12 36 5
Total 373 531 95
Grids Activated     10
Grand Total   531 105
Final Score   55755  

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